the pond

A sanctuary for change-makers

G'day, I'm Scott Poynton, and welcome to the pond.

Here, I help you to be a powerful change-maker.

I bring together inspiring and aspiring change-makers, to help them find calm and opportunities for growth so that revived, they can go out again into the world and inspire change at unprecedented scale. 

Because goodness knows we need it!

the pond seeks to create a calm place for sharing, listening, learning and participation. It seeks to lift people up and support them, acting as a springboard for their unprecedented change-making efforts.

It's a place for growth.

After spending more than 25 years at the frontier of complex change processes, the essence of my experience is that change happens deep in the hidden recesses of the human heart. 

If we want to bring change, we first have to connect to that place in ourselves and act from there. When we do that, we inspire others to find their own connection. When that happens, we create ripples of change that travel out across the world. 

In the pond, I help you do that.

"What would have happened to me had I never had that pond?"

the pond is a story from my childhood. Every day, and especially when something crazy was happening, I'd retreat, with my dogs, to the pond. There, I'd reconnect with myself and with Nature. I'd find calm, regather and listen to my child's inner wisdom. It was from that place that I navigated a way forward. 

It was my sanctuary.

Why Join Us Here?

I created the pond to bring you together with equally passionate people ready for something new. It's a sanctuary for calm and collected thinking, with support from others in the same boat as you. I want to help you build gentle practices and habits that will help your change-making efforts so that we can each inspire each other and create change in our own communities, wherever we are.

What Awaits You On The Other Side?

Right now, there are mostly blogs and discussions amongst a growing group of inspiring and aspiring change-makers, just like you.

There'll soon be access to an online program I'm building to share the lessons from my work to bring change over more than two decades in seriously complex contexts. I've shared these insights in courses and presentations at hundreds of businesses, in retreats and at some of the world's leading Universities (e.g., Yale, Berkeley, Oxford, Les Mines Paris Tech, EPFL, Avans University, Business School Lausanne) over the last two decades. They're always received with gratitude and inspiration and I want to make these experiences available to you here.

There are Monthly Coffee/Tea break Zoom events and I and some of our members offer guided Nature & Forest Therapy walks - both in person and virtual -  because there is nothing better to build your connection to yourself than spending time in Nature.

You can ask questions, share your knowledge and engage however you choose, which can happily be just resting a while, enjoying the posts, imbibing in other's thoughts or just breathing!

There is no pressure at the pond.

Why people join the community 

Testimonials from current members

"To contribute to change-making in the world. To be connected to other people who are positive and want to change things in the world. Every contribution, how small, can help and even make a big wave in the end."

"Connecting to like-minded people; finding motivation and inspiration."

"First off, I wanted to explore what is here. Secondly, peer to peer mentoring sounds helpful to me. I am also curious to see what the courses have to offer, and last but not least I would love to share and learn from other people all around the world. See how it will help me grow."

"I am excited to connect with like-minded peers who can share experiences and give one another feedback and guidance."

"An opportunity to share, help and empower others, especially women in need."

So...I welcome you!

It's my privilege to welcome you in the pond. 

Every new voice adds its own rich history, its own view, its own song. We can learn so much from each other. It's a place where participation and engagement is encouraged so jump in and let's get engaging and from that, let's see what we can do together to bring change, that most beautiful of things.

"Knowing others is intelligence
Knowing yourself is true wisdom"

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.
Translation by Stephen Mitchell

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